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Total Loss Protection

When your customer suffers a total loss, even with proper insurance and GAP, they face the financial burden of getting into another vehicle. With TLP, dealerships can provide their Financed, Leased and CASH customers with peace of mind and financial protection if their vehicle is declared a total loss. Customers can receive a credit of up to $5,000 toward the purchase or lease of a vehicle at your dealership. Even better, TLP provides the incentive that their new car will be purchased off your lot.

Consider the out-of-pocket costs for your customer should their vehicle become a total loss:

  •  New Down Payment
  •  Insurance Deductible
  •  Vehicle Price Increases
  •  Doc Fee
  •  Rental Car If Needed
  •  Sales Tax and License Fees
  •  Discontinued Factory Incentives That Raise Price

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