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George Wafer

VMS’s founding father and guiding light throughout his many years of leadership.


On February 25, George Wafer passed away peacefully at his home in East Burke, Vt. after fighting a battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his wife, Marian, and daughter Melissa with her husband Rob, and his beloved grandchildren Oliver and Ainsleigh.


He leaves behind a legacy of compassion, honor, and loving people.


George Wafer

He was a graduate of Columbia University and an Eagle Scout. Early in his OEM career he was referred to as the “Maverick” in and industry publication and was responsible for the development of the first lock out radio in the United States for Saab, solving theft problems.


He started with Audiovox, then introduced Clarion to the U.S. automotive aftermarket and then the OEM market.


George believed deeply in forming relationships with people and treated all of his business partners as family. He was a loving and kind man who made sure that everyone around him was well taken care of and was trusted by everyone who was fortunate enough to do business with him.


He also believed in giving and proved that through his work with children. He was the founding director and board member of the Clark Gillies Foundation. He was active in promoting the foundation and raising funds for children all over the United States through his business associates and friends. George’s commitment included providing office space and office services for the foundation as well. He was known for stepping up in a crisis and never saying “no” when asked for help. This commitment to people was extended to individuals as well as groups.


He continued his commitment to helping children by starting with Wafer Family Foundation with his wife Marian. He provided a recreational tradition and raised money for children in the small town of Burke Vermont by starting the annual Burke Mountain Sled Dog Dash over 6 years ago, which is how many people in Burke will remember him.


He wasn’t just a business man, he was also a man who deeply loved his family and extended that help to his family and friends. He believed in being a strong male role model and showing that hard work and determination will pay off in the future. He was proud of his Irish, Bronx heritage and as everyone who loved him knows he was proud to share his love of the New York Yankees to anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to already know about them. He lived his life surrounded by laughter and joy and will be missed by many.


A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone.


Memorial Celebration

Share your memories & stories


Friday, March 13, 11-2


Fox Hollow Catering
7725 Jericho Turnpike
Woodbury, NY 11797


Office Attire


Donations to Wafer Family Foundation accepted In lieu of flowers


Forward To:


Wafer Family Foundation
400 Oser Ave, Suite 100
Hauppauge, NY 11787

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